Dependable coils are critical to keep your homes heating and cooling system running efficiently. Let WeatherKing make sure your castles comfort system is up to par for every season, so you can focus on more important things. Click below to learn more about WeatherKing’s entire line of coils.



  • WeatherKing Indoor Furnace cased coils and replacement uncased coils are designed for use with WeatherKing outdoor units. They are available for vertical, upflow, downflow, horizontal left or horizontal right airflow units.
  • Constructed of aluminum fins bonded to internally grooved aluminum tubing.
  • Coils are tested at the factory with an extensive refrigerant leak check.
  • Coils have copper sweat refrigerant connections.
  • Feature two sets of 3/4 14.1 mm N.P.T. Condensate drain connections for ease of connection.
  • Chatleff metering device connections, at in